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Our Approach


Back Office Extensions or "BOX" is a U.S. Based out-sourcing firm specializing in seamless integration with your organizations project or department. Outsourcing and off shoring services that will reduce overhead costs and increase your profit margins.

Our Approach

The revolution in communication technologies has made the marketplace fast paced, highly competitive, and rapidly evolving that requires business organizations to be nimble and market savvy. Businesses have to continually improve operational efficiency and boost productivity to minimize costs and offer their customers the best in products and services to be successful.

Many businesses have made a paradigm shift in their business strategies by recognizing that some non-customer facing functions can be outsourced or off-shored, resulting in better management and execution of both core and non-core functions. At BOX, we provide full service back office support to your operations. You select the type and number of people you want, and we do the rest.

Communicating with you daily, they work with you, as they are your own staff. You too can work with them as your own staff, ensureing total compatibility and control from the customer’s perspective, except that you have to face the hassle of a remote operation. We handle all the details.

Our Values

BOX is a US based world class organization, with facilities in India, that inculcates business values and ethics in all its business dealings. BOX believes that focusing on achieving our business partners’ objectives enables both organizations to grow, while providing our customers the highest class of service, thus meeting or exceeding their expectations every time. To achieve this, BOX management has invested time and resources to put together a team of professionals who take pride in enabling you to achieve your goals. The values we espouse are:

  • Customer centric, world class operation
  • Professionals who focus on bringing value to our customer’s bottom line
  • High quality service that strives to exceed customer expectations
  • Confidential and secure operations
  • Customized solutions
  • Focused core competency

Our People

1 BOX believes its greatest resource is its employees. All employees undergo a stringent selection process that ensures the best and the brightest ones and they become a part of the staff who services our customers. The process of selection is based on skills tests, core competency test, and personal interviews with US staff that ensures compatibility with US based customers and a general understanding of US business philosophy. This ensures that selected candidates posses skill sets that dovetail with your operations with only added company specific training.

Added to this, BOX managers have extensive years of relevant US industry experience, and India based managers have experience in the US or in projects for US based companies.

We take pride in helping your customers through your business prism, thus bringing to bear the very best a BPO partner can offer.


We choose our people based on the following:

  • Applicable skill sets
  • Skilled in English communication
  • Positive Attitude
  • Ability to work as part of a team


BOX aims to become a pre-eminent world class provider of Business Process Outsourcing for our customers.


To achieve our vision with excellence, fairness, integrity and transparency to delight our customers, employees, community and stakeholders.

Quality Policy

At BOX, we will continuously strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing defect free products, services and solutions on time and within budget. We will also nurture and grow our employee talent and leadership skills by providing an environment where trust, fairness and integrity flourish.